Sajha Kitab is a newly introduced online bookstore where you can find all sorts of non-academic books. Also, We are soon adding academic books as well in the near future. 
We also have platform  where you can buy and sell used books individually. Click here  to visit our used books platform.

How to order books through sajha kitab and redeem reward points – YouTube

You can refer to above link

  1. 1. Select the books of your choice
  2. 2. Click on add to cart buttons
  3. 3. On top right corner click on basket icon
  4. 4. Click Checkout
  5. 5. Apply any coupon codes or your reward points on the checkout page
  6. 6. Enter your shipping and billing information
  7. 7. Select your location on the map
  8. 8. Place an oder. 
  9. 9. Hurray! you have successfully placed your oder. Your order will be delivered soon.

Coupon code is an alpha-numeric code which is available under certain conditions (offers, sale or upon special request) which is equivalent to certain discount which is to be entered on checkout page. 

Reward point? is a special discount system available at sajha kitab which you get under recommendation of sajha kitab to your friends and family or with every order based on your cart amount.

To know more about the reward point available for different activities click here.

If you find any inconvenience on ordering through website you can also place your order through Facebook/ Instagram by messaging us the link of the product and your contact information on our Facebook Page or Instagram Page


For kathmandu valley, You can select cash on delivery option but for out of valley delivery you must pay through esewa during checkout.

If the product is damaged, you must inform within 24 hours for return